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The History of Perfume
The History of perfume began in antiquity, with the world’s first recorded chemist being a person named Tapputi. A Perfume maker from the 2nd Millenium BC.
The Word Perfume comes from the latin phrase “per” meaning “through” and “fumus” meaning “smoke”. The French later gave the name ‘Parfum’ to the pleasant smells that drift through the air from burning incense. Perfumery, or the making of perfumes, began in ancient Egypt but was developed and further refined by the Romans and the Arabs. Although perfume and perfumery also existed in East Asia, much of its fragrances are incense based. Since there are very few periods of history that have not been influenced by perfume, and it is often intertwined with the history of the human race.
Perfumery, or the art of making perfumes began in the ancient Egypt but was developed and further refined by the Romans and the Arabs.
1st Century BC
The Romans put perfume on their pets particularly their dogs and horses. At their many feasts they would also put perfume on birds wings and let them fly around the room, releasing the fragrance as they went. 
14th century 
Queen Elizabeth of Hungary brings Perfume to Europe with the first Perfume known as Hungary water.
16th century 
Perfume production moved to France, where it became the European centre, and was primarily used to mask body odour.
17th Century 
Perfumed gloves became popular in France. However, perfumes perfumers were also known to create poisons, and a French Duchess was murdered when a poison was rubbed into her gloves and was slowly absorbed into her skin.
18th Century 
Louis XV’s Court became known as “le Court parfummes” (The perfumed Court) as he demanded it be scented by a different fragrance everyday.
19th Century first synthetic fragrance developed.
The industrial revolution didn’t hamper sales, and there was even a fragrance named “Parfum a la Guillotine”
Napoleon used 60 bottles of double strength Jasmine extract a month. Josephine , Napoleon’s first wife, preferring the even stronger scent of musk. So strong was her Perfume that 50 years after her death you could still smell it in her boudoir.
The fitness saw the emergence of masculine Eau du Toilette.
Christian Dior outdid themselves with poison, a Perfume that was advertised to create love-hate feelings. It’s floriental fragrance was so powerful (37%) that some new restaurants banned it because it was overcoming the aroma of the food.
The 90s brought a freshness in perfumes. Prompted by growing environmental awareness. Fragrance had oceanic and ozonic notes, for example New West for her by Aramis, followed soon after by Escape by Calvin Klein, Dune by Christian Dior. 
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